ArshinKooh Construction and Engineering is a Private Joint Stock (“PJS”) company, and the vital member of ArshinKooh Group involved in contracting for construction of highways, roads, commercial and housing buildings, railways, runways, and access roads to the oil rigs. As well as implementing industrial production, irrigation, water supply, mine engineering/excavation projects, and utilities/facilities engineering.

Consequently, to execute and enhance projects, ArshiKooh offers superior quality of engineering, design and implementation services to its customers.

While ArshinKooh has obtained ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management systems and HSE, is therefore one of the EPC contractors for general construction projects in Iran; to present mutual tasked services to its clients, ArshinKooh joints different needed areas such as electrical, mechanical and civil and industrial engineering departments according to the utmost probable standards.

ArshinKooh enjoys more than 35 years of experience of its founder and president and many years of skill and knowledge of its board members and management team working in construction and industrial projects.

Focusing on superior strategies, management and engineering, and combining expertise and professionalism and adopting the latest available technologies, machinery and equipments, facilitated the growth of the company in such that as a construction and engineering company.

ArshinKooh is positioned in highest ranking amongst the construction contractor companies by Iran’s Deputy of President for Strategic Planning and Control.

ArshinKooh’s financial standing has grown constantly over the years; this exhibit the achievement of accurate planning and management, and engineering for growth and enhancements in relation to the company’s performance in quality projects execution.

ArshinKooh hopes and strives to have a continuing share in the domestic and international development projects.